Mohan Sompalli

Mohan Babu Sompally is the CFO of Keyblocks Strategy Consulting Services PVT LTD, where he manages the company's financial operations.

His experience includes financial operations and related fields. He graduated from SVU, where he specialized in B.Sc. in computers. In addition to his undergraduate studies, he also completed an MCA at Osmania University.

After graduation, he began working at Wipro as a software engineer. He then worked as a Senior Software Engineer at IBM, primarily as a security architecture manager. After that, he changed companies, remaining in the same position under more difficult circumstances at Microsoft. Later, he became a senior associate security delivery manager at Oracle. Further, he was a senior associate for Google's APAC head for Asia and Europe as well as other large projects.

He then became an entrepreneur as the CEO/Co-Founder of Vaishnav Media. He later founded another company as CEO and founder called E3 Media, a content management company. In addition, he started Celeb Media, an entrepreneur solution and tech product company focusing on the political sector. As vice president of operations at Ideas ad Media, a digital transformation agency, he co-founded and ran operations.

While being an expert in software engineering and white hat security, he was also an excellent political strategist. His political analyst career began in 2012. By 2014, he was handling national politics as a political analyst. As of 2016, he worked on the Malaysian, Indonesian, and Australian elections as a political strategist. As a political strategist in the Congress government, he led the Telangana State election war room (Mahakootami) in 2018.

After assisting numerous industries, Mr. Mohan Babu Sompally founded Keyblocks Strategy Consulting Services PVT LTD. with 2 others, of which he has been in charge ever since. He is the CFO and oversees the organization's and the client's financial operations.

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